William Warbert, High Official

During the incident of Guru Ka Bagh an Englishman William Warbert was appointed as a special High Official with the Governor of Punjab. He was given the work of giving secret reports about the proceedings of the front of Guru Ka Bagh to the Governor. In these reports while praising the Sikh highly, he wrote,

“The feeling of 'No one is my enemy, and no one is a stranger. I get along with everyone' (Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Page 1299)

has been infused in the hearts of the Sikhs by their Guru”. Due to the reports written in favour of Sikhs, the governor of Punjab transferred Warbert to Lahore a gesture that showed his anger and displeasure. Warbert told the then governor of Punjab in the context of Sikh morals that Sikhs are highly moral people who sympathies with all human beings and while opposing them, I can keep my wife and child under their custody without any fear or worry.
Talking about the highly moral lives of the Sikhs, he says that Sikhs have never learnt to steal and they have never dishonored the daughter or sister of any man.
They have been directed to do so by their religion and every Sikh adheres to these norms of Sikhism. They are so much highly moral that they do not like to keep the company of thieves or immoral people. Truth is their religion and they never let it escape from their minds. They not only consider it a crime to kill the wives and children of their enemies but also endeavour to always protect them.